Quantum Body

By Jason Latas

Total Body/Mind Reboot

A Six Week Course to Unleash your Human Potential!

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So glad you are here and making a commitment to yourself!

We’ve spent our lives making commitments to others although your life ignites when you start making and keeping commitments to yourself!

Energy, Biology, Science, Physics, Neuroplasticity, Magic!


You are an Electromagnetic Bio-Beacon, transmitting and receiving information to and from the universe and every other human at every moment! Once you discover that you are pure energy and learn how to harness that energy, everything in your life will shift. Your seemingly random thoughts, feelings and emotions will start to make sense and not seem so random. Once you understand that you can harness this energy and you are the source of these thoughts, feelings and emotions, you can start to not only manage them, but manifest them in alignment with your desires.

This is when life stops happening to you and begins to happen

This is when you start to own your life!

In this course I’ve condensed 30 years of coaching into what works to increase human performance! By human performance, I mean, increasing your ability to feel better, sleep better, focus better, and take control of your life as opposed to being a victim of circumstance.

We will be combining science, physics, energy work, business, wellness, fitness, biology, the central nervous system and neuroplasticity to help you better understand your body and how it interacts with your surroundings.

The goal here is to make high performance coaching available and affordable for everyone!

This series will be broken up into 6 weeks – 1 hr a week with Q&A afterward, so you have time to practice and absorb the information that you just learned. People learn faster and retain more information when it is presented in small segment that they can immediately practice and use in their daily lives.


Week One

Who Am I?

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Week Two

You Are Energy

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Week Three

Myth Busters

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Week Four

Your Central Nervous System

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Week Five

Neural Pathways and Habits

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Week Six

Tapping Into Your Mind

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Contact Jason

Contact Jason to sign up for private coaching sessions or to ask questions about the seminar series.  You can email Info@JasonLatas.com or use the convenient contact form below.  Give a brief description of your needs or desires and Jason will get back to you as soon as possible.  Currently all Jason’s coaching sessions are done via Zoom links, but he also offers 1 on 1, in-person coaching in Sandy Utah.