What the heck is a sumo squat?

Ladies, this one is for you!

Imagine you’re a Sumo wrestler (without the added weight or diaper)… Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width apart and your toes turned out (thanks Jamie Eason for the perfect form/pic).

Slowly squat down tracking your knees over your toes until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Then reverse the move while squeezing your glutes on the way up like your trying to crack a walnut 🙂

This type of squat really hits the inner thighs and upper glutes. You will know your doing it right when you feel it there and not in your knees. You may need to limber up a little before you can really hit it good but when you do, you will know it!

Not for beginners…

Toxic chemicals in our organic bodies…

Yah, sounds pretty nasty right? Would you pour bleach on your houseplants? Toxic chemicals on your food before you eat it? Feed junk food to your $800 toy poodle? Give your children toxic medicine with toxic colors and flavors? Well, most of us do it every day and make excuses for it as we’re doing it…

Reading the label is one thing. After all we are all masters of excuses, whether it be talking bad about the neighbors or a family member to eating and drinking things that we know are bad for us, we have an excuse for everything!

If you had all of the raw ingredients in your lab to create all of the concoctions you ate and drank on a daily basis and you had to actually mix the potion, you might think differently…

Would you ad high fructose corn syrup to your children’s drinks or would you go sugar free and add aspartame, a known neurotoxin? Would you put chlorine and fluoride, also a well known neurotoxin, in your drinking water or take a bath or shower in it so it could soak into your body’s biggest organ, your skin? Would you add know corrosive and toxic chemicals to your snacks so they wouldn’t spoil? Would you spray your fruits and veggies with, again more nasty toxins that wreck your hormonal balance and attack your brain and central nervous system? Many of which are known to ad xenoestrogens to your diet (can you say man boobs?).

Of course you wouldn’t. But as long as someone else does it and it comes in a cool package or bottle and makes it easy for you, then we can come up with an excuse for it. Like, “well, I only do this when I’m in a hurry” and “It was convenient and I know it’s bad but just one won’t kill me”…

It’s truly amazing how we can read a label or a warning and still drink or eat these things, as long as someone else adulterates it for us. But if we had to put the chemicals into it ourselves, we would think twice before consuming it.

Educate yourself on everything that you consume. These things don’t just go into your body and act as fuel or burn themselves off. They actually become a part of you!

Your body rejuvenates cells at an alarming rate. Everyone has heard that your body is constantly renewing itself and about every 7 years most of your body will have completely rebuilt itself out of new cells. Your body needs building blocks to build new cells and the building blocks are made up of what you consume… What you eat, drink and breath rapidly becomes you!

So the next time you reach for packaged or canned food, ask yourself if you want any of those chemicals to be integrated into your cellular structure… Yes, that might have tasted great and entertained your taste buds for a few minutes but now you are stuck with it in your cellular design for days or even years. I hope you enjoyed that doughnut because it just became part of you…

Hanging Abs, My favorite abdominal exercise

Hanging Abdominals or (hanging leg raises) is an exercise that is great for building core strength.  It involves both the abdominal and oblique muscle groups. It can be done practically anywhere there is a bar to hang from. It is my main and favorite exercise for my entire abdominal area!

When done correctly, the Hanging Abs is very effective at developing both your rectus abdominis, which is the largest muscle of the abdominals, obliques and serratus anterior muscle group. If you’re wanting to tone up your core muscles, the hanging abs is a great exercise to incorporate into your routine.

Abdominal Fat

Most of your abdominal fat tissue rests atop your muscle, so while hanging abs will build and develop the muscle tissue, it will not affect your abdominal fat levels. All the work you do will be hidden beneath the fat layers.  In order to show off your great abs, you’ll need to create a caloric deficit every day.  This means you burn more calories than you consume each day.  But do it wisely with nutrient rich meals and snacks.

Unfortunately, you can’t spot reduce fat in any one specific area.  But as you focus on consuming less calories and keep exercising, you will eventually see your fat levels decrease and all your hard work begin to appear.

Chicken Skin in Kahakuloa Village

Adam and I were very fortunate to be one of the only tour companies allowed to give tours in Kahakuloa Valley. We were definitely the only haoles allowed to do tours there and we respected that privilege very much. Oliver lived up in the valley and allowed us to do tours on his land, a beautiful stretch of history that had been farmed for generations. In fact Kahakuloa was the last remaining, active Ahupua’a (farming community that stretched from mountain to ocean) in the West Maui Mountains and 1 of only 2 valleys that never had it’s water diverted by the sugar cane industry. They were still farming taro, a Hawaiian staple.

Oliver taught Adam and I a lot of Hawaiian history, especially about Kahakuloa Village and would often let us come out and stay the night in his guest hut/house.

On this night we were staying in Kahakuloa with some friends. We had just finished dinner and were relaxing on the grass in front of the house. Kahakuloa was a narrow valley and the homes were built on either side of the original trails that had been used for hundreds of years. These were the same trails that the spirits Oliver spoke of often would still walk along.. In fact all of the homes were surrounded by Tea Leaf plants that were considered sacred and often planted to please the spirits and keep them away from the home. It wasn’t unusual to see spirits with torches walking down toward the ocean at night. They called them, the night marchers…

It was dark and we were relaxing on the lawn and enjoying the stars that seemed so bright and close that you could almost touch them. We were all talking quietly when I brought attention to the people that I had heard coming up the trail. I turned and asked if anyone was expecting guests. Everyone looked at me and said, what people? I had heard the voices coming closer for a few minutes and I could tell that they were right on the other side of the low rock wall we were laying next to. I said, these people, as I sat up and expected to greet whoever was hiking up the trail that night.

There was complete silence and everyone got chicken skin from head to toe as we felt the presence of many spirits walk right in front and past us as they headed back up the trail to where they had come from. None of us said a word for what seemed like 10 minutes. We all rubbed our arms, got up and decided that it might be a good time to go back inside and go to sleep! Talk about crazy dreams that night! I felt like a couple of the spirits had stayed behind to keep us company in our little guest hut/house.

Eat right, Exercise, Rest and Play Hard!

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