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Elephant Tethers and Abundance

Are you an Elephant?

I wish I could hear everyone’s self talk when they read this line… No, I’m not offending you but I would be curious if you thought that, and why… “The Elephant” mentality is a reality with almost everyone that I work with in my practice and I’m not immune to it either. We all need to be constantly identifying these thoughts and eliminating them from our hard drive!!! I’ll explain.

This analogy goes back many years to when I was an exotic animal trainer at the Zoo. (Yes, I was a camel trainer among other things…) I worked closely with the elephant trainers because I was always fascinated with these enormous creatures.

One day I asked one of the trainers that was a good friend of mine; why do use such a small rope around the elephant’s ankle when you secure it? The answer literally blew me away! Let me explain.

Did you know that trained elephants will stay where they are by tying a rope around one of their massive legs and attaching it to a peg in the ground? Can the peg and rope really hold back an elephant? Absolutely not!

elephant-chains-latest-1024x680Then why does it work? Because elephants grow up believing it will. They start the process when the elephant is very young and at times  use chains so the young elephant learns that it cannot break away. After the young elephant tries enough times and perhaps even hurts it leg in the process, it stops trying. And after some time, most elephants will never try again! This outcome is multiplied if the young animal was ever hurt in the process! Do you hear where I am going with this???

During the course of my life and career I have run into many people (and no doubt will run into many more) who are holding themselves captive with their own “elephant tether.” It’s amazing how many limiting beliefs we carry around in our subconscious mind that are simply things that we were told when we were younger by the adults around us. Many times these comments were meant to protect us, although  other times these comments were just someone’s perception of reality that they were sharing, as though it were fact… When we consciously agreed to the statement, we, with our limited mind, told ourselves that it was a fact of life and filed it away in our subconscious mind. If we were hurt in the process then these agreements became much stronger… Often times, we continued to believe these “facts” without ever questioning them, even today.

You must understand that nothing means anything until you give it meaning!!!

When we decide to believe something (and call it fact) we also make an agreement with ourselves that we will continue to evaluate life based upon this (usually very limiting) agreement with ourselves! We think of it as fact, when it is only a belief…

Often times we hold ourselves back from great abundance and happiness simply because we have these limiting beliefs about ourselves ingrained in our subconscious minds. We must remember that they are only beliefs and not necessarily facts about life. We can change these agreements at any time and break free of the trap of any limiting belief.

The power of “elephant tethers” to restrain you is only in your imagination. YOU have the power to free yourself from it and enjoy life and achieve your goals with the same vigor and right as anyone else on this planet.elephant-and-child-s-friendship-free-desktop-598x336

Take a moment to evaluate some of the “reasons” that you use to hold yourself back from accomplishing your goals. You will find that most of these “reasons” are either excuses or old, outdated, belief systems that need to be changed! They are only perceptions that you have agreed to and you can change them at any time!!!

Examine your life for self-imposed “rules” you are following that are holding you back. When you find them, test them, change them and  break free of them! Create better rules to live by and see your progress and joy grow immensely as you explore your newly expanded world!


Science – Spirituality – Physics – Philosophy

Are they all trying to answer the same question? Why are we here? What are we made of? Who made us? What is the meaning of life?

All these disciplines seem to put on blinders and adhere so rigidly to their own dogma that they don’t even notice the similarities in each other.

Can they all get along and work in harmony?

From a young child we have been told what to do, what to think and how to act. Our domestication started shortly after our journey from the womb. Everything we have been taught has been based upon someone else’s experiences and what belief system they subscribed to… We have been poked, prodded, shaped and formed based upon someone else’s ideas and perceptions. Through this process we begin to take on the image suitable to those around us based upon their ideas and perceptions of reality, as opposed to discovering our true selves.

What is the truth?

What is reality?

Who are you?

Who am I?

It depends upon your belief system and what experiences became your reference points while you were growing up, which helped form your perception of “reality”.

How is it that 10 people can see the same event and give you 10 different descriptions of what happened? It all depends on what they perceived happened and how they related to it based upon their past experiences and teachings.

We are all a conglomeration of all of the experiences that have happened to us up to this point in our lives; one big file cabinet that we delve into every time we need to interpret our experiences. When this happens we find a file that looks similar to that experience and then define it based upon our perceptions of that past experience. Then we record it as “truth” and continue the interpretation process… And so we create our “reality”…

So what is our reality? I guess it depends on our domestication process and who taught us what “truth” was…

Isn’t it time that we wipe the slate clean; start actually looking at what is going on around us and question what we thought was reality.

The first step is to stop judging everything based upon what we “know” and just feel more from the heart and less from the head. The more we look at the facts with an open mind and resist trying to analyze them, the more we begin to see things as they are as opposed to what we want or perceive them to be. In this way we slowly remove our blinders and expand our vision.

Our “Teachers” – Our “Truths”:

A paradigm shift in our science, culture and spirituality is at hand.

Genghis-KhanHistory has shown us that radically new advances in worldviews almost never occur with the unbiased and open blessing of the old. Throughout history “experts” and “professionals” have suppressed new information and new findings because it could shake up society or disturb the standard practice that has stood for centuries. Religious zealots have burned and destroyed books written by other religions. Scientists have purposefully discredited or destroyed others’ careers and discoveries just so their outdated “theories” wouldn’t be challenged and have labeled anything that they cannot prove in the lab as “hypocrisy”. Conquerors routinely burned and destroyed the historical texts, art, culture, buildings and entire histories of the people that they had overrun so they could crush their will and force the new way on them. Large archeological societies and religions have routinely bought or “acquired” ancient findings, just to hide or destroy them, so those findings didn’t upset the model that the current culture was taught, or perhaps, so that culture wouldn’t question what that large society or religion had taught as “truth” during those times. We must remember that the “field experts” and scientists that we listen to, and subliminally record their theories as truth, are also humans that are subject to the same religious, philosophical and cultural prejudices and perceptions as the rest of us.

Energy_Wave_Future_MedEven through all of these attempts to hide the truth, ancient spiritual texts are being found that shatter our current views of religion and spirituality. Archeologists are finding buried civilizations that drastically change our current views on our origins and our history. Scientists are finding that what we thought were the smallest particles are actually quite large, and that what we though were constants are variable. Physicists are finding that what we though was solid is actually just a wave particle vibrating at a certain pitch and what we thought was dark, empty space actually has mass. Quantum Physicists are realizing that everything that we think is “real” might just be a hologram created in the minds of the people that inhabit it! Many “truths” that we have subscribed to and were taught in our outdated schoolbooks are being proven wrong!


What is your truth?