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Jason Latas of Quantum Body Performance Coaching has been an adventure guide and quantum wellness coach for 3 decades. He has personally guided many fortune 500 CEOs and major business owners on custom adventures across the globe. He also personally coaches many traveling entrepreneurs to help them stay mentally and physically fit while traveling and running their businesses. He enjoys helping people feel good in their skin again and perform better in their personal and business lives.

Jason has been featured in The New York Times, The L.A. Times, Spa Magazine, Modern Bride, Conde Naste, Outside Magazine, The Outdoor Journel, as well as on ESPN, The Travel Channel, ABC, Ford Adventure Outfitters, Planet X TV and many other national and international venues. Many of these videos can be seen on You Tube

Jason has always had the ability to see the human energy field or aura and first astral traveled out of his body at 18. Looking down at his body in meditation and realizing that there were no “eyes” up there looking down gave him a new perspective on life with the question; “who is the observer?”

Jason has had the opportunity, through his travels to learn from Hawaiian Kupuna, Peruvian Shaman, Chinese Martial Arts Masters and The Massai in Africa. Mixing his knowledge of the human genome, neuroplasticity, the mind/body connection and the spiritual traditions and “knowing” of many cultures, he takes a whole-body approach to wellness and sees his clients from an energetic and cellular level.

Before moving to Utah Jason owned an adventure company in Maui for 10 years where he took guests hiking, biking, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking and on custom designed adventures designed around health and fitness. He now lives in Utah and runs one of the largest Adventure Meet-Up groups in the State: Adventure SLC

Past Clients Include:

Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobi McGuire, Eddie Murphy Family, Carlos Santana,Bo Derek, Kelsey Grammer

Fed-X, Nike, Fireman’s Fund Insurance, Charles Schwab, Boing, Oracle, Cypress Semi-Conductor, IBM, John Deer, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Delta Airlines, Johnson & Johnson, At&t, Marriott, Dell Tech, State Farm, Sysco, Prudential, Liberty Mutual, Pfizer, Caterpillar

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